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What is the issue you are having?
Please select from the list below the issue you are having with the washing results of your garments.

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Call Tech Support
Sorry we haven't been able to fix this issue for you today.

If the product is within warranty, contact your retailer. If the product is outside of the warranty period, either contact technical support or a qualified repair service.

For Bush washing machines please call:

0345 257 7271 (Mon - Sat 9-6 || Sun 10-4)

For all other brands please call the number on the product support page or located in your manual.

For more support check out the product support page on https://argos-support.co.uk 

Here you can find manuals, interactive guides, live chat, FAQs and much more.

Or watch our helpful how-to videos on the Argos Support YouTube channel.

My clothes smell bad
If clothes smells unwashed or not as fresh as you would expect try the steps below to fix the issue:

  • Perform regular maintenance washes - once a month.
  • Make sure the detergent drawer is clean.
  • Make sure not to add too much fabric conditioner.
My Clothes are dirty
Please select the option that best matches your issue.
Washing is still dirty
It doesn't look like your clothes have washed properly. Try the following steps to improve general wash results.
  • Select a more more intensive programme. (always check the care labels on the laundry first)
  • The incorrect amount of detergent has been used. The amount of detergent you will use for your laundry is printed on the detergent package.

  • Ensure the clothes are separated in the drum.

Grey Stains on garments
This is usually caused by oil, cream or other ointments, such as :

  • Hand cremes and soaps.
  • Other household cleaning products.
Damage to garments
The garments have come out damaged or torn, please follow the steps below to try and fix this issue:

  • Make sure you are not overloading the appliance.
  • Check you are using the correct programme, especially for delicate items.